Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! New year’s is fast approaching – where are you planning to be? I’m going to be watching the space needle fireworks from the water and dancing the night away on the deck of a cruise ship. Not bad, eh? I got ambitious yesterday at work and cooked this up – now that Josh, Robin and I all work at the same place we can do something productive during the day 😉

My parents and Danielle left today, after being here since before Christmas. I’m sorry to see them go; it was great seeing them and doing fun stuff with them all week, although it will be nice to have my bed back 😉 Christmas with them was awesome, and a freakishly beautiful day in Seattle, 50 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. Actually, the whole week they were here was like that. And then they left and the sun went back into hibernation… I’ve got some other news (I’m sure of it) but I’m supposed to be working right now, so maybe I should get back to that. Photos of Chicago are forthcoming.