There’s an episode of Friends where Rachel and Monica lock themselves out of their apartment. It’s a thanksgiving episode. On their way out the door Monica says ‘got the keys?’ but Rachel interprets it as ‘got the keys.’ (no question mark). So the turkey burns, and Rachel misses her flight, and it’s the ‘worst thanksgiving ever.’ Well, apparently life does imitate art. 😉

Kim and i decided last nite about 6 to go run a few miles on the beach. It was a perfect evening, we felt great afterward, and headed home to find some dinner, clean the house up a bit, and relax. Kim drove us down to the beach, so i’d left my keys at home. She thought i had house keys so she just grabbed her car keys, that was it. We came home to find ourselves totally and completely locked out! Josh was gone at a soccer game until after 9.

We tried picking the locks, but a large screwdriver and a bobby pin weren’t really the right tools. We tried opening a basement window, but then figured the basement door was probably locked, so all that would get us is locked in the basement. After getting tired of the strange looks from the neighbors, we drove around a bit, ending up at thriftway where (yay for technology) i used my fingerprint to buy us some dinner at the deli, since neither of us had a wallet, either. After leaving Josh a message to call us when he got home (he needs a wireless phone! augh!) we headed to Fremont, where Jason and Julia were kind enough to take us in (you guyz rock!). We played ps2 and ate ice cream with them (still in our workout clothes) until Josh finally got home about 9:30. Btw, breyer’s mint white chocolate – really good. So that was our little adventure last night. Kim’s pretty sure she’ll never live it down, and i’m pretty sure i’m going to drive next time we go to the beach. 😀

In other news, Annie D gets here tonite to visit for a few days from portland – sweet! We’re gonna party it up in Seattle all weekend, it’s gonna be great! Then Danielle will swing through town on monday nite for a job interview at Alaska Airlines (good luck, kid!). Once again, i’m running a bed-and-breakfast, but at least this time i have the extra room! 🙂