My devious little sister set me up last night, tricking me into happy hour drinks where Josh, Julia and Steph showed up out of nowhere. Then, she had the gall to lure me out to dinner, where Jason, Clint, Christi, Travis, Dan, Jonathan and (better late than never) Sean joined us completely out of the blue. The smoke and mirrors continued even after dinner, as when i turned away from my seat a milkshake appeared where my empty plate had been. Gifts emerged from pockets and bags. Thankfully, the surprise i feared most never arrived – a dozen clapping members of the waitstaff degrading themselves with an occasion-specific group chant.

Final scores for the evening:

    Good surprises: 10

    Bad surprises: 0

    Bonus points awarded to my devious little sister: 1 meeellion

Thanks, Danielle! I love you. You’re the best little sister I could imagine.