I haven’t even posted my pics of my last trip to Galveston in April, but I was desperate to use a Mac for a few minutes after a week with nothing but my work laptop, and once I sat down at Clint’s Mac Mini I just couldn’t tear myself away. And that’s how I found myself elbow-deep in Photoshop pulling these pictures off my camera for you while Clint made lunch, fed Lllian, cleaned up the kitchen, and otherwise did all the work. 😉

Clint, Lillian and I toured Moody Gardens this morning, wandering through the indoor rain forest looking at frogs, birds, bats, fish, a sloth and a chevrotain. Here’s a few of my favorite pics in the meantime, before I get my photo gallery overhaul finished and post the full set.

Moody Gardens:

The rain forest expedition crew:

Lots of big, fancy birds:

Some cartoonishly-huge bugs:

Tiny, and probably highly poisonous frogs:

Lush, tropical foliage filled with giant blooms:

A very friendly lizard that was happy to pose on the railing for his close-up:

And even a species common to Texas, but equally at home in cities across America, the Cadillacius Urbanius Gangterus: