Thanks to my Mom’s diligent news-watching, i realized tonight that Hurricane Ike swept right through Galveston, home to my best friend and his family. I’ve been scouring for news or information online while trying to reach them – I haven’t heard back yet. I really hope they’re OK.

I found this youtube video taken from a Coast Guard helicopter flying over Galveston:

I cut a few frames from it and tagged them:

Approximately where their house is at:

Moody Gardens, where Clint, Lillian and I spent several days:

The NOAA research facility where Christi works:

Webcam from the Commodore at 37th on the Seawall, dated Friday the 12th, before the storm surge was supposed to land. Webcam from the Commodore at 37th on the Seawall.Link to that spot on the map

A webcam at Galveston Harbor. The oil derrick in this picture is the one Clint and I toured.

Downtown shopping district known as “The Strand”. Link to approx location on the map

What is usually a pier in Galveston Harbor. The Starbucks we walked to is a block to the left of this. Link to this spot on the map

A shot I found here that I matched to one of my photos from July for comparison. Again, this is *before* the actual storm surge is supposed to hit sometime on the 13th.

An even closer-to-submerged shot of that same pier, which is here on the map, about six blocks west of the NOAA facility.

I found a few more photos on Here’s the Flagship Hotel on the seawall, which is located here on the map.

I’m going to quit looking for more pictures because there’s only really one piece of news that I care about… Clint, call me back.