Oh, happy day! Mother’s Circus Animals are back! You may recall my lamenting the loss of my favorite (non-homemade) cookie back in October. Now that the “disappointment” of 2008 has turned into the “downturn” of 2009, soon to become the “depression” of 2010 (or perhaps the Aporkalypse), I figured they were gone forever, another victim of an investment gone bad, a bungling corporate overlord, or simply an America too afraid of what tomorrow might bring to even allow themselves a moment’s bliss in a bag of cookies.

But the good people at Kellogg’s have come through for us on this one, my fellow cookie-loving Americans! The news has been sweeping the bay area where the Mother’s plant sits vacant – Kellogg’s acquired the patents and recipes for Circus Animals and several other Mother’s varieties, and will be producing them effective… now!


It’s a late Christmas present from my new best friends at Kellogg’s and would be a welcome surprise on any day of the year, but Kellogg’s is (adorably) re-launching Mother’s cookies just in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday:


Priceless. Thank you to the guys and gals at Kelloggs, not only for saving my favorite wacky little cookies from the sad, sad fate of the dinosaurs, but also for understanding that the adorable idiosyncrasy of flat shortbread cookies punched out of vaguely-animal-shaped molds and smothered in pastel frosting and candy sprinkles is only such a delicious one because the whole thing’s so eccentric, and for having the good sense to maintain that quirkiness as part of the recipe.

I can’t wait until the red, white and blue ones on the Fourth of July!