Alex and I camped out with our tripods in the sand at Richmond Beach in time to see the sunset over the Cascades and try to capture it on film. We chose the spot with little discussion – I hadn’t been there before and it was close to home for both of us – and we chanced upon an idyllic summer sunset over Puget Sound, as well as an appropriately-bittersweet final Seattle photo adventure. Alex and his wife leave for California next week and while my occasional business trips south will hopefully cross our paths again, this chapter of our friendship has sunk beneath the horizon to be risen tomorrow as a long-distance one. In the past year since we both stumbled into the same photography meetup and instantly hit it off we’ve ventured out to see the world through each other’s eyes and lenses only a half-dozen times, perhaps because it seemed there would always be time. Now, however, that our time is up I realize how much I’ve both enjoyed his friendship and missed an opportunity to learn more from him – from his easygoing self-awareness, from his steadfast dream to be a writer, from his life lived so differently than my own. It seems this life, like the shimmering sea in these photos, is forever washing new people onto our shores and then washing them away just as quickly, off to their next adventure just as we continue down the beach to find ours.

Alex, I wish you nothing but success in Sacramento and beyond, and I hope to see you on the beach again soon.

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