I’m back in Seattle this week – it’s good to be back! It’d be even better if I had a job, but… I had an enjoyable Tuesday; went to a career fair with Jason and had some great chinese food with Josh. My fortune cookie at dinner had two fortunes in it that were both the same – which I assume means I am meant to take the fortune twice as seriously – which said “Remember to share good fortune as well as bad with your friends.” I guess that’s a hint that I’m not keeping you all in the loop enough, so I’ll work on that.

I still don’t have any job offers, but my promising possibilities are not totally exhausted, and hopefully I drummed up some new ones at the job fair today as well as with all the resumes I sent out last week. So far all the interesting ones are in downtown Seattle and not the suburbs (that’s a good thing). When I’m not thinking about jobs I’ve been exploring my future neighborhood, West Seattle. I’ve already got an apartment building picked out and I’ve pinpointed at least 5 coffee shops in less than a quarter mile radius… 😉