Augh! This was not a good year to graduate. I just heard that RightNow Tech. laid off half of my friends. Tim: buddy, hang tough. Elliot: don’t give up, at least you still have the model. One of them probably would have been me, had I stayed there. The madness is not just limited to Montana; in eight more days, Josh finds out if Boeing still wants him for the rest of the year. If no pink slip shows up, he’s in the clear for a month or so, and then he’ll roll the dice again. Anyone who says America is a land of opportunity is wrong, baby, wrong!

To all my friends that are facing tough life changes (especially the involuntary kind): hang in there! Stay positive, be confident despite your discouragement, and have faith. All things work for good (I really do believe that, and I’ve been unemployed for 5 months).